I was born in raised in the Seattle, Washington area and it's where I found my passion for photography. When Allyson contacted me wanting new portraits with her sweet pup I couldn't resist! I made the trip from freezing cold Utah to the BEST weekend weather in Seattle which never happens in December! I was able to see more of the Seattle area in those 5 days than I did in my 18 years of living there.

One of the most AMAZING locations for any photographer to shoot at is Deception Pass. Deception pass has incredible views of the puget sound. Ferries and tour boats are constantly coming back and forth underneath the bridge showcasing the beautiful scenery. Allyson and I decided to shoot underneath the bridge on the North West Side where there was room for her pup to run around and still showcasing the gorgeous bridge architecture as well as the sunset glowing water.

Allyson grew up playing fast pitch and I actually met her in high school as we played on the Varsity Fast pitch team together! Her sense of happiness is incredibly contagious. It can be zero degrees outside pouring down rain and you'll see Allyson living her best life dancing in the rain! Nothing has changed over our years apart. Throughout her entire session she was laughing and the same adorable girl I remember her as in high school.

She recently got ENGAGED over Christmas and I couldn't be any more excited for her. I learned about her upcoming engagement during her session as I got to hear her gush about how amazing he is and how he had already been talking to her dad about taking her hand for life. I look forward to one day getting to meet him!