I was ecstatic when Colton & Emmaline told me they envisioned a winter wonderland engagement session. We jumped in the car and headed up Logan Canyon to Temple Fork. Temple Fork is only accessible via a sedan in the very early months of winter and late fall. Once you hit late November and early December you will require chains and or four wheel drive to access it.

Temple Fork offers the perfect mixture of mountain escapes + a winter wonderland as it is only a couple miles down the road from Tony Grove where you get a woodsy winter wonderland vibe without actually going all the way up to the lake!

Emmaline frequently travels to Logan, UT so it was fun watching her get to show Colton around her stomping grounds. They met on Mutual and instantly hit it off and will be getting hitched this January!

Not only did this cute couple get to practice up for their first dance during this session, but Colton got to bust out his muscles and Emmaline got to practice her driving skills to help me out of a very slippery situation... literally!

While we loved Temple Fork, we decided to head a couple miles up the road to the base of Tony Grove to get a more woodsy vibe to finish up their session. Just before you go up the hill for Tony Grove there is a beautiful field that the sun sets perfectly through, so we wanted to check it out! The road wasn't completely snow covered, but as we ventured up the hill it started to get more snow covered than I knew either of our sedans were going to handle. We decided to pull over to the side to head back down towards the parking lot before it was too late for return. I pulled just a tad bit too far off to the side, hit some ice, and sure enough my car slid right down into a ditch!

Colton didn't even hesitate a second, he jumped right out of his car during what should have been their session time and began pushing my car trying to get me out of the ditch. I felt awful he was the only one out in the freezing cold snow pushing my car so I grabbed Emmaline, had her jump in my drivers seat and Colton and I began pushing the car as hard as we could.

Despite our best efforts, we had to wave down a nearby family on their razor to get them to help us. Of course this all happened during the week of gratitude that flooded social media. So I immediate shared my gratitude with them for all their help getting me out of the ditch so I didn't have to call a tow truck.

I was so embarrassed I didn't even get a picture of this situation -- which I am incredibly sad about now as I write this blog post. I wish I had it to share with you all!

We ended up making it back to the parking lot, and ventured out into a couple feet deep of snow near some winter barren trees and finished up their session with a beautiful sunset!